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Matte Top Coat - ELM Breathable and Peel-Off Nail Polish
Matte Top Coat - ELM Breathable and Peel-Off Nail Polish

Matte Top Coat - ELM Breathable and Peel-Off Nail Polish

ELM Beauty

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Matte Top Coat gives any manicure a beautiful matte finish which also helps manicures to last longer while protecting your nails.   

"Your nails are jewels not tools"

ELM Beauty has revolutionized breathable nail polish and have added a unique peel off technology to the formula. So there is no need to use nail polish remover when removing the nail polish. Simply just peel the nail polish off. 

This unique formula is: 

* Wudhu friendly

* Water permeable

* Breathable 

* Peel-Off technology (No nail polish remover required)

* Free from harsh chemicals 

* Alcohol free 

* Eco friendly and odourless

* Cruelty free 

* Vegan 

* Suitable for all skin types

* Safe for pregnant ladies to use 

* Safe for kids to use (Please supervise)

* Water based formula 

* Quick drying 






Acts as a binding/forming agent. Also serves as a coating/sealant and mostly used in cosmetics. It also gives a gel lacquered texture and coats nails beautifully.



This is the most important ingredient as it is a liquid substance that absorbs water.



- Mostly used in medical/cosmetics 

- Serves as a hydrating agent especially in dietary supplement, eye drops, face serum, face masks, face cream etc

- It helps to retain moisture and promote skin health as well as fighting signs of ageing

- So ELM nail polish will keep your nails hydrated, healthy and does not make your nails turn dull after a long wear.