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Pink Rose - Queen Nail Henna
Pink Rose - Queen Nail Henna
Pink Rose - Queen Nail Henna

Pink Rose - Queen Nail Henna

Queen Nail Henna

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Why Queen Nail Henna?

* Certified Halaal by MUI 

* Wudhu Friendly 

* Made from pure organic ingredients 

* Made from premium quality real henna powder (Lawsonia inermis) 

* 100% vegan ingredients 

* Colours absorbs easily 

* Free from harmful ingredients 

* First and only henna product to contain lavender oil and rose oil (Minimal odour)

* Conveniently packaged in a bottle

* More accurate application with brush

* Easy and smooth application 

* 15 Colours to choose from


NB: Queen Nail Henna is 100% henna and not nail polish.

Did you know that Queen Nail Henna can also be used as a henna replacement when applying your beautiful henna designs.


How to use: 

1. Apply henna on nails. Make sure the coat is a bit thick and not too thin. Try to only coat your nail and not your cuticle.

2. Wait for the henna to dry. About 30 minutes should be perfect. 

3. Peel off top layer or rinse off top layer with water. Avoid using soap and detergents when removing the top layer. 

4. For a deeper colour the above process can be repeated up to several times depending on the shade of colour you desire.