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786 Nail Rescue Primer (Non-Breathable)
786 Nail Rescue Primer (Non-Breathable)

Nail Rescue Primer (Non-Breathable) - 786 Nail Care

786 Cosmetics

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Our Nail Rescue Primer is the perfect start to any manicure! The Nail Rescue Primer works to strengthen weak and damaged nails and repair them for strong, healthy nails. 

Directions for use: 

    • Step 1: Apply two coats of 786 Cosmetics' Nail Rescue Primer and leave to dry. Make sure to dry fully between coats.
    • Step 2: Once dried, leave on for 5-7 days to allow for the Nail Rescue Primer to work to strengthen and repair the nails.
    • Step 3: Remove the Nail Rescue Primer with our Soy-Based Nail Polish Remover and enjoy your stronger nails!

**Nail Rescue Primer can also be applied as a base coat under your favorite nail polish! The primer is not water permeable so is it not recommended to use as a base coat if you are praying.