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Liptastic Lipstick - Raspberries & Cream, Lipstick, Nanacoco PRO, Irresistible Cosmetics

Liptastic Lipstick - Raspberries & Cream

Nanacoco PRO

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Our luxurious Liptastic Lipstick gives you luminous high definition lip color and long-lasting pigment. It is saturated in color and super moisturizing. This lip product leaves a satin and silky 8-hour finish and gives you luscious and youthful looking lips!
  • Most pigmented and extreme color
  • Moisturizing satin finish
  • Super saturated
  • Long-lasting and smooth gliding
  • 8-hour wear
  • Gives you full-looking, plump, and healthy lips
  • Non-creasing
  • Satin and silky finish